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Image Credit Header image: Artwork by Professor Lubaina Himid, CBE. Photo: @Denise Swanson

Expended City Network

Quick, Charles and Speight, Elaine Expended City Network. [DataSet]


This second phase of the expanded city project running from 2017 until 2018 was a continuation of the artists' active research and saw the project expand with a series of Network events which brought external perspectives from experts and local communities directly into the development of the artists’ work.

These included; Ruth Levene and Ian Nesbitt's 'Precarious Landscape Bus Tour' with archaeologist Bob Johnston; Gavin Renshaw's 'Routes in, Routes Out' in conversation event with cycling journalist Jack Thurston; Olivia Keith two week residency at the Final Whistle Cafe in Cottam culminating in a workshop 'Traces of Place'; Emily Speed's in conversation event with architect Lee Ivett on the topic of playspace 'What do we need in a Space for Play?'; and Lauren Velvick's 'Open House' event, an informal evening of music and discussion about the politics and practicalities of housing, leading to the creation of an 'Open House' publication.

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DOI: 10.17030/uclan.data.00000233
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Date Deposited: 01 May 2020 12:01
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