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Image Credit Header image: Artwork by Professor Lubaina Himid, CBE. Photo: @Denise Swanson

Kinematic and sEMG variables from horses during canter

St. George, Lindsay Kinematic and sEMG variables from horses during canter. [DataSet]


Movement and muscle activity variables calculated from kinematic and sEMG data, respectively, from horses during left and right lead canter

Research / Data Type: Dataset
Keywords: canter; surface electromyography; equine athlete; horse; biomechanics; equestrian; equine; sEMG; optical motion capture; gait analysis; forelimb; hindlimb; intralimb coordination; lead
DOI: 10.17030/uclan.data.00000371
Depositing User: Lindsay Blair St George
Date Deposited: 17 Apr 2023 12:16
Revision: 14
URI: https://uclandata.uclan.ac.uk/id/eprint/371

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