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Topalidou, Anastasia and Haworth, Lauren and Chohan, Ambreen Bio-Birth-1_Bed-Body_Interface_pressure_during_lying_birthing_positions. [DataSet]


Dataset Description
The dataset is a collection of data undertaken by the members of BIO-Birth-1 project, funded by LIFE. This dataset contains participant demographics (n=20) with bed-body interface pressure at the head, shoulders, sacrum, and full body (average & peak pressure, & Peak Pressure Index [PPI]) during 5 different lying birthing positions (side lying, knees bent flat back, knees bent raised back, stirrups flat back, stirrups raised back).

Data participants were 20 healthy females of reproductive age, aged between 18 and 49 years, who were not pregnant and free from any injury, pain, illness, or medical condition that would limit their ability to lie on their back or left side

Research / Data Type: Dataset
Keywords: biomechanics; interface pressure; body-bed interface; pelvis; birth; childbirth; positions; recumbent; semi-recumbent; pressure mapping; birth position; interface pressure
DOI: 10.17030/uclan.data.00000418
Research Institutes: Global Health and Wellbeing*
Depositing User: Lauren Haworth
Date Deposited: 13 Oct 2023 10:17
Revision: 50
URI: https://uclandata.uclan.ac.uk/id/eprint/418

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