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Research Data Management Policy

As an institution, UCLan supports the principles of open access to publicly-funded research outputs. Research data generated at the University is recognised as an institutional asset that when shared openly not only increases the visibility of UCLan’s research but also facilitates public engagement and creates new opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

In order to be shared and reused research data must first be managed and curated efficiently and effectively. This research data management policy clarifies the University’s expectations concerning the management, storage, publication and sharing of research data. Policy reflects the University’s intention to establish good research data management practice throughout the research lifecycle as part of the institution’s commitment to research excellence.

Download the Research Data Management policy (pdf)

The purpose of the research data management policy is to:

💡   Ensure compliance with current academic and funder requirements such as the Research Councils UK Common Principles on Data Policy and EPSRC Policy Framework on Research Data;

💡   Promote open access to research data produced at UCLan in order to facilitate data discovery, citation, sharing and collaboration;

💡   Clarify responsibilities so that researchers understand exactly what is required of them;

💡   Establish a culture of openness and transparency;

💡   Ensure data integrity and accessibility for a minimum of ten years after publication or last public access;

💡   Set out the University’s obligations including the provision of facilities for the archiving of research data and training, support and guidance on good practice in research data management;

💡   Draw attention to existing relevant documentation that underpins and clarifies elements of the policy with particular regard to obligations of a legal, ethical, regulatory and contractual nature.

The policy applies to:

💡   All academics at UCLan who produce or work with data generated as a result of research, regardless of how that research is funded;

💡   All academics who supervise or co-supervise postgraduate research students;

💡   All postgraduate research students.

The University is responsible for the provision of a managed repository service for secure archiving, preservation and long-term storage of completed digital research data and open access research publications, including journal articles and conference papers. The University provides training, support and advice on all aspects of research data management.

Other Policies

There are also other policies such as the Metadata Policy, Data Policy for full-text and other full data items, Content Policy, Submission Policy and Preseravtion Policy that may also apply to you.

Download the Polices document (pdf) for more information.