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UCLanData Frequently asked questions

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+ What do you mean by research data?

+ Can I deposit to a different repository?

+ What are my legal and ethical responsibilities when submitting data?

+ What type of data can I upload to UCLanData?

+ Which file formats can I upload to UCLanData?

+ Is there an upload limit on file size?

+ How do I upload data to UCLanData?

+ Should I upload any other information with the data?

+ Can I upload more than one file to the record of my data?

+ How do I create a zip file?

+ Can I place an access restriction on my data?

+ Which file formats can I upload to UCLanData?

+ Can I stop my data being used commercially?

+ How do I select which data to deposit/upload?

+ What if my data is not digital?

+ How do I link my data to my paper?

+ Will the record of my data be visible as soon as I deposit it?

+ How long will my data be kept?