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Andersson, Hanna and Holmgren, Mattias and Sörqvist, Patrik and Threadgold, Emma and Beaman, C Philip and Ball, Linden and Marsh, John Everett Is the Negative Footprint Illusion Exacerbated by the Numerosity of Environment-Friendly Additions? [DataSet] (Submitted)

Atienzar, Tania O and Pilgrim, Lea and Sio, Ut Na and Marsh, John Everett Dataset to accompany the paper entitled "Replicating and Extending Hemispheric Asymmetries in Auditory Distraction: No Metacognitive Awareness for the Left-Ear Disadvantage for Changing-State Sounds" (Atienzer et al., 2024). [DataSet]


Ball, Linden and Threadgold, Emma and Solowiej, Anna and Marsh, John Everett Solution rates for CRATs in Experiments 1 and 2. [DataSet] (In press)

Ball, Linden John and Threadgold, Emma and Marsh, John Everett and Christensen, Bo T Experiment Data and Files: 'The Effects of Stimulus Complexity and Conceptual Fluency on Aesthetic Judgements of Abstract Art: Evidence for a Default-Intervenionist Account'. [DataSet] (Submitted)

Bateman, Martin and Binns, Amy UK MP Twitter Mentions (12/2016 - 5/2017). [DataSet] (Unpublished)


Denhovska, Nadiia Comprehension and production data for learning under incidental conditions. [DataSet]


Edson, Filho and Maurizio, Bertollo and Tamburro, Gabriella and Schinaia, Lorenzo and Jonas, Chatel-Goldma and Selenia, Di Fronso and Claudio, Robazza and Silvia, Comani Hyperbrain features of team mental models within a juggling paradigm: a proof of concept. [DataSet]


Hughes, Robert Wyn and Marsh, John Everett (2016) Dissociating Two Forms of Auditory Distraction in a Novel Stroop Serial Recall Experiment. [DataSet] (In press)

Husselman, Tammy-Ann MSc (By Research) Tammy's Output for Experiment 1 - Subjective Data. [DataSet]

Husselman, Tammy-Ann Means & Raw Electroencephalogram (EEG) Data. [DataSet]

Husselman, Tammy-Ann Outputs for both Experiments 1 and 2 for Tammy's MSc (By Research) project. [DataSet]

Husselman, Tammy-Ann Street art images - 195 images (MSc Project). [DataSet]


Joseph, T. J. and Hughes, R. W. and Sorqvist, P. and Marsh, John Everett Proportion correct serial recall data for sound conditions for children and adults. [DataSet]


Marsh, John Everett Frequentist and Bayesian Statistical Results and Analysis Scripts to Accompany the Paper Entitled: "Changing-State Irrelevant Speech Disrupts Visual-Verbal but not Visual-Spatial Serial Recall". [DataSet]

Marsh, John Everett and Holmgren, Mattias and Sörqvist, Patrik and Threadgold, Emma and Beaman, C. Philipp and Ball, Linden J, Dataset to accompany "The Negative Footprint Illusion is Exacerbated by the Numerosity of Environment-Friendly Additions: Unveiling the Underpinning Mechanisms" submitted for publication in the Journal of Cognitive Psychology. [DataSet]

Marsh, John Everett Data from Navon short-term memory and distraction experiments. [DataSet]

Marsh, John Everett Data to accompany online article submission entitled: "Irrelevant Changing-state Vibrotactile Stimuli Disrupt Verbal Serial Recall: Implications for Theories of Interference in Short-term Memory.". [DataSet] (Submitted)

Marsh, John Everett (2021) SPSS dataset and programs to accompany submission entitled: Changing-state Irrelevant Speech Disrupts Visual-Verbal but not Visual-Spatial Serial Recall. [DataSet] (Submitted)

Marsh, John Everett and Threadgold, Emma and Barker, Melissa and Litchfield, Damien and Degno, Federica and Ball, Linden The Susceptibility of Compound Remote Associate Problems to Disruption by Irrelevant Sound: A Window onto the Component Processes Underpinning Creative Cognition? [DataSet] (Submitted)

Mattias, Holmgren and Hanna, Andersson and Linden, Ball and John E., Marsh Full 4-Experiment Dataset from a paper in revision at Journal of Cognitive Psychology entitled "Can the Negative Footprint Illusion be Eliminated by Summative Priming?". [DataSet] (Submitted)


Rettie, Laura and Marsh, John Everett and Potter, Rob and Brewer, Gayle and Degno, Federica and Vachon, Franҫois and Robert, Hughes Rettie et al., 2023 - Taboo Data. [DataSet]


Salman, Nadine and Al-attar, Zainab (2023) Neurodivergence and Violent Extremism: Aggregate Data for 18 International Case Studies, 2023. [DataSet] (Unpublished)

Stupple, Edward and Pitchford, Melanie and Ball, Linden and Hunt, Thomas and Steel, Richard Dataset to accompany the following article: Stupple, E. J. N., Pitchford, M., Ball, L. J., Hunt, T. E., & Steel, R. (2017). Slower is not always better: Response-time evidence clarifies the limited role of miserly information processing in the Cognitive Reflection Test. PLOS One. [DataSet]


Threadgold, Emma and Marsh, John Everett and Holmgren, Mattias and Andersson, Hanna and Nelson, Megan and Ball, Linden Biased estimates of environmental impact: The nature of individual variation. [DataSet] (Submitted)

Timperley, Matt and Mokhtar, Maizura and Bellaby, Gareth John and Howe, Joe Explanation-based learning with analogy for impasse resolution. Datasets related to the article published in the journal Expert Systems with Applications, May 2016. [DataSet]

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