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Adams, Michael and Tarn, Mark D. and Sanchez-Marroquin, Alberto and Porter, Grace and O’Sullivan, Daniel and Harrison, Alexander and Cui, Zhiqiang and Vergara-Temprado, Jesús and Carotenuto, Federico et al (2020) A major combustion aerosol event had a negligible impact on the atmospheric ice-nucleating particle population. [DataSet]

Aharonson, Vered Data of: Engaging for Change - Investigating YouTube videos and users comments. [DataSet]

Amarante, J. A. S. and Debattista, Victor P and Beraldo e Silva, Leandro Gastro early data release 1. [DataSet]


Bedford, Clare and Kotoula, Eleni and Robinson, David Wayne Unravelling the Gordian Knot: Integrating Advanced Portable Technologies into the Analysis of Rock-Art Superimposition. [DataSet]

Borić, Dušan and Cristiani, Emanuela and Hopkins, Rachel and Schwenninger, Jean-Luc and Gerometta, Katarina and French, Charly A. I and Mutri, Giuseppina and Ćalić, Jelena and Dimitrijević, Vesna et al (2021) MALDI-TOF Spectra for Zooarcheology by Mass Spectrometry (ZooMS) for Borić et al. [DataSet]

Bowman, Dominic Amplitude Modulation Catalogue. [DataSet]

Brown, Daniel Stephen and Walker, Andrew Sunspot rotation data: test regions. [DataSet]


Calderbank, Graham John Experimental Measurement of the Time-Based Development of Oil Film Thickness, Lubricating Film Extent and Lubricant Transport in Crosshead Engines. [DataSet]


Debattista, Victor P Gaia Challenge Simulations (Gardner et al. 2014). [DataSet] (Unpublished)

Doran, Donald Joseph and Dalla, Silvia Temporal evolution of solar energetic particle spectra. [DataSet]


Edmunds, Malcolm and Reader, Tom Data from: Evidence for Batesian mimicry in a polymorphic hoverfly. [DataSet]

Eyres, Stewart Paul shore and Bewsher, Danielle Placeholder for dataset to accompany MNRAS publication. [DataSet]


Freeman, Paul Gregory La2NiO4.11 Magnetism. [DataSet]


Gordon, Karl and Baes, Maarten and Bianchi, Simone and Camps, Peter and Juvela, Mika and Kuiper, Ralf and Lunttilla, Tuomas and Misselt, Karl and Natale, Giovanni et al TRUST 3D Dust RT Slab Benchmark Data. [DataSet]


Knowles, Adam T. and Sansom, Anne E. and Vazdekis, Alexandre and Allende Prieto, Carlos sMILES SSPs - A library of semi-empirical MILES stellar population models with variable [alpha/Fe] abundances. [DataSet]

Knowles, Adam Thomas and Sansom, Anne E Element abundance response tables for spectral line strengths in stars. [DataSet]

Knowles, Adam Thomas and Sansom, Anne E and Allende Prieto, Carlos and Garcia Perez, Ana Theoretical grids of star spectra (A.T. Knowles thesis, UCLan). [DataSet]

Kruk, Sandor and Erwin, Peter and Debattista, Victor P and Lintott, Chris (2022) Revealing the cosmic evolution of boxy/peanut-shaped bulges. [DataSet]

Kuru, Kaya and Clough, Stuart and Ansell, Darren and McCarthy, John and McGovern, Stephanie (2023) Irregularly shaped man-made marine objects detected by small aeroplanes equipped with high-resolution photogrammetry sensor technologies. [DataSet]


Lepadatu, Serban and Saarikoski, Henri and Beacham, Robert and Benitez, Maria Jose and Moore, Thomas A and Burnell, Gavin and Sugimoto, Satoshi and Yesudas, Daniel and Wheeler, May C et al Data associated with 'Synthetic ferrimagnet nanowires with very low critical current density for coupled domain wall motion'. [DataSet]

Liu, Weiming A theory for steady and self-sustained premixed combustion waves. Dataset relating to the article published in Cogent Engineering, Volume 3, Issue 1, 13 July 2016. [DataSet]


Munir, Saad Bin UK Licence Plate Synthetic Images. [DataSet]


Payne, Liam and Walker, Sophie and Bond, Gary and Eccles, Harry and Heard, Peter and Scott, Thomas and Williams, Steve Synthesis of carbon-13 labelled carbonaceous deposits and their evaluation for potential use as surrogates to better understand the behaviour of the carbon-14-containing deposit present in irradiated PGA graphite. [DataSet]

Penazzi, Davide FrEd Dataset. [DataSet]


Quigg, Siobhan Marie and Lowe, Christopher Nathan and Butt, Kevin Richard and Mitcham, Timothy and Iyengar, Arati FIGURE 1 in A re-examination of the taxonomic status of Prostoma jenningsi-a Freshwater Nemertean. [DataSet]

Quigg, Siobhan Marie and Lowe, Christopher Nathan and Butt, Kevin Richard and Mitcham, Timothy and Iyengar, Arati (2020) FIGURE 2 in A re-examination of the taxonomic status of Prostoma jenningsi-a Freshwater Nemertean. [DataSet]


Rappaport, S. A. and Kurtz, D. W. and Handler, G and Jones, D and Nelson, LA and Saio, H and Fuller, J and Holdsworth, Daniel Luke and Et. al. (2021) A tidally tilted sectoral dipole pulsation mode in the eclipsing binary TIC 63328020 (Version 10108). [DataSet]

Reddy, Subrayal M and EL-Sharif, Hazim E-MIP SARS-CoV-2 determination in saliva. [DataSet]

Robinson, David Wayne and kotoula, Eleni COMPUTATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY OF BASKETRY FOR CACHE CAVE (CA, USA). [DataSet]


Sanderson, Edward and Matuszewski, Bogdan J. Official code repository for: A Study on Self-Supervised Pretraining for Vision Problems in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. [DataSet]

Smolka, Jan and Kempná, Kamila and Kučera, Petr; Kamil Kempný and Asimakopoulou, Eleni and Danihelka, Pavel Setup of a 3D printed wind tunnel: application for calibrating bi-directional velocity probes used in Fire Engineering Applications. [DataSet]

Smolka, Jan and Kučera, Petr and Asimakopoulou, Eleni and Danihelka, Pavel abc. [DataSet]

Syres, Karen Near ambient pressure XPS measurements of CO2/H2O absorption in [P66614][Triz]. [DataSet]


Williams, Karl S Plant Drawing. [DataSet]

Williams, Thomas and Walsh, Robert William and Peter, Hardi and Winebarger, Amy (2020) Evidence for and Analysis of Multiple Hidden Coronal Strands in Cross-Sectional Emission Profiles: Further Results from NASA’s High-resolution Solar Coronal Imager. [DataSet] (In press)


Zhang, Yan 2D/3D image segmentation toolbox. [DataSet]

Zhou, Yu Image set for EL4147 coursework. [DataSet]

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